The Blue Dragon

This is the story of Blue Dragons and what they are like, where they live, how they act, and other traits they have. Remember this is just a story, but the traits they have we can duplicate. Check out the words highlighted in bold to understand a real Blue Dragon.

Blue Dragons are rather rare and very intelligent. They consider themselves to be lawful, champions of freedom, and justice. They never misuse their abilities or powers and always express respect to their parents, teachers, and other senior dragons. The Blue Dragon ultimate ambition is to build a more peaceful world for his family, and the rest of the world.

Blue Dragons are found in deserts, arid, windswept plains, or in hot humid badlands. They enjoy the bleak terrain because there are few obstacles – only an occasional rock out cropping or dune – to interrupt the view of their territories.

In the daytime, when the temperatures are the highest, Blue Dragons love to soar in the hot desert air, flying to increase their strength and speed, going as high as possible to build their endurance. They have been observed doing wild flying displays, which they can withstand due to their high level of equilibrium. Some dragons nearly match the color of the desert sky, blending so they are nearly impossible to see. They use this coloration to their advantage – for camouflage in combat.

Blue Dragons prefer to fight from a distance so their opponents can clearly witness the full force of their weapon. It also gives them power to observe the situation while posing the least amount of threat to themselves. Blue Dragons use their self-control and will only withdraw from a fight if they are severely damaged, since they view retreat as cowardly.

Most of the Blue Dragons encountered will be alone. They do not want to share their empire with others. Blue Dragons are extremely territorial and voracious. However, when a family is endangered the male dragon will attack using his immense mass and well practiced skills. The Blue Dragon maintains his body with exercise and eats only the healthiest foods he can so he is in good physical shape – toned and strong. He is ferocious and will protect his most valuable property – his mate and their young. The female dragon is tolerant, like her mate, but will join in the attack if the threat proves significant.

Blue Dragons’ enemies are men who would hunt and kill them to acquire the dragons treasure and own their priceless skin. The dragon abides by good sportsmanship and will allow men to pass through his lands as long as they do not present any harm. They show respect and honor to those who heed to preserving the dragons domain. However the dragon, with strong reactionary force will be sure to discipline those who trespass with inappropriate actions.

The noble dragon is especially observant of unwary travelers. Using self-constraint they have the courtesy to observe first what the travelers might leave behind. He will be ready, nevertheless, to obtain any valuable possessions left behind.

Brass dragons, who share the same environment, increase the threat in the Blue Dragons world. They encroach as close as possible to take over the land, females, and snatch the Blue Dragons hoard of treasures with greed.

The Blue Dragon spends long hours dwelling on their success and admires their trophies and achievements valuing each with gratitude. Their indomitable spirit is rewarding as warriors and in their family. The Blue Dragon has a high level of integrity and is highly respected in his kingdom. He is respected by those within his kingdom for his ability of wisdom. He carefully practices great mental strategies for his kingdom and is respected for his well thought out life choices, which are usually deemed as successes.

The Blue Dragon lair is a vast underground cavern. They store their immense accumulation of treasures far from harm. Although the Blue Dragons will collect anything which looks valuable to them, they are particularly fond of gems – especially precious sapphires, which shimmer and sparkle like its priceless hide.

Blue Dragons are able to consume nearly anything. They will spend long hours to plan their correct moves and to prepare for ambushes of herd animals to satisfy their hunger. Sometimes they are forced to eat snakes, lizards, and desert plants to help sate their great hunger. How-ever, their perseverance usually pays off. Since they are partially fond of herd animals, such as camels, they will gorge themselves on caravans of the creatures. Which they cook with a carefully aimed, deliberately produced, breath controlled . . .

   . . . Blue Dragon Blast of Fiery Flames!