Promotion Requirements

Belts are awarded only when the student can meet specific standards of performance and knowledge during testing. In the event that a student may not perform to the satisfaction of the testing instructors, promotion may be delayed until those standards may be achieved. Students must recognize that promotion standards are uniform, and that each belt ranking reflects a specific level of competence. Breaking requirements are for color belt levels not stripe levels.

Testing for Black Belt the student will be expected to teach a class, turn in a thesis and essay, be knowledgeable in Korean terminology and understand the theory of power.

Anything in the handout or taught in the class may be asking at testing time.

Minimum Standards

1-steps 2 Average 2
Attendance 2 Sparring 2
Form 2

The instructor will let the student know when they will test.

Belt Training Form Sparring Boards
Yellow 5 mo. Chon-Ji 1 step, comb., free 1
Green stripe 3 mo. Dan-Gun 1 step, comb., free
Green 3 mo. Do-San 1 step, comb., free 2
Blue stripe 3 mo. Won-Hyo 1 step, comb., free
Blue 3 mo. Yul-Gok 1 step, comb., free 3
Red stripe 6 mo. Joon-Gun 1 step, comb., free
Red 6 mo. Toi-Gye 1 step, comb., free 4
Black stripe 6 mo. Hwa-Rang 1 step, comb., free
Black Belt 6-12 mo. Chun-Ji
1 step, comb., free 5

Black Belt Requirements

Once the student has attained the black belt the challenge begins. Additional forms setting up breaking routines.

Belt Training Form Boards
2nd Degree Up to 2 yrs. Kwang-gae
5 boards
1 supported break
4 single breaks
3rd Degree 2 – 3 yrs. Choong-Jang
Ko-Dang (old)
Ju-che (new)
12 boards at
multiple stations
4th Degree 3 – 4 yrs. Sam-Il
Multiple breaks
5th Degree 4 – 5 yrs. Yon-Gae
Chun-ji thru
Choi Yong
6th Degree 5 – 6 yrs. So-San